Flotation Unit



Using the results of 10 years of experiments, Ju.Cla.S. has developed a process of clarification and stabilization of grape must and fruit juices through flotation with continuous and discontinuous systems.

Flotation is a separation technique that exploits the difference in specific mass between the liquid and the solids to be separated.
It makes the solid quickly rise from the bottom to the top. This situation is caused via dissolution of gas, usually compressed air, which adheres to the surface of the solid, making the ‘solid-liquid whole’ lighter than the medium from which it separates itself via flotation.

Flotation makes products with extremely low contents of suspended solids possible, aiding later filtration of juices and fermentation of wine musts.

Flotation: advantages

Easyfloat : mini floater for Juice Clarification in Real Time to the Desired Turbidity Level

EASYFLOAT has been designed to execute flotation by pumping over the tanks. Gas dissolution occurres through a pump in a stainless steel pressurization cylinder. It carries out the fundamental dissolving function, allowing thus the aggregation of flocs with the gas and the solid particles to be removed.
The system is endowed with a control panel and has all the necessary elements for a complete gas management. It is also prearranged for the installation of one or two dosing pumps for the adjuvants.